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  Agnello Stained Glass Art
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  A Custom Stained And Leaded Glass Studio
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Our customer's preferences range from organic to architectural, from complex to simple, from colorful to muted.  

With you in mind, we design for your taste and specification. 
Our objective is to enhance your space not glorify our ideas.  
We provide design solutions for your preference and objective.  
  Creative design, quality materials, expert craftsmanship and sensitivity
  to our clients' needs are a trademark of Agnello Glass Art
The windows at left, flank a fireplace in the client's living room, muting the intensity of the light while allowing the outside its influence.  

By incorporating the color and movement of the exterior elements, Agnello Glass Art was able to accentuate the beauty of the glass, adding interest to the interior space.  
The seductiveness of stained glass, due to the brilliant and subtle effects of light passing through rather than reflecting  off  glass, have always challenged glass artists.  

Being aware of  the influence light has on the color, texture and shading of the glass becomes of utmost importance to the glass artist.
In this staircase landing window, Agnello Glass Art created a design that blends with the architecture of the residence.  

The objective of obscuring the light well and the building's pipes was accomplished by choosing textured glass for the larger panels and sand blasting the colored panes.  

The effect is elegant, and allowed the client to remove the heavy, dark draperies, brightening the stairs and landing.    
 Other effects are minimized or obscured in order to hide an unbecoming encroachment, as in the example on the left.
Some outside effects can be invited in to participate     in the overall design, as in the example above.
Living room door with matching transom window.  Here the glass treatment is to obscure the view while allowing light to pass through and illuminate.