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  Agnello Stained Glass Art
               Agnello Glass Art ®                                                                      CALL:  415-585-4094
​                   Office Hours:  9AM - 5PM for Appointment          EMAIL:  mark@agnelloglassart.com
  A Custom Stained And Leaded Glass Studio
The process begins when you or your architect/designer/contractor contacts us to describe your project:

*Agnello Glass Art will make an appointment to meet at the site.
*We discuss your ideas and objectives; esthetic & structural  
   considerations are explored.  We will take digital pictures of the    
   space to give us reference for decor, color and external effects.
*You will then be given an estimate of the cost of your project.  No
  final price is quoted until the final design and glass choices are  
  made.  As point of reference, most projects fall in the category of
  of $500-$600 per sq. foot.   
*Once you agree to all particulars, Agnello Glass Art will create a
  handdrawn scale rendering and make an appointment to meet   
  at the site to preview the rendering and colors.  (Since glass effects
  and colored pencil can not be matched perfectly, we provide glass    samples).
*A check for a 50% deposit is required once the final cost of your
  project is agreed on.  

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A lasting impression of quality, taste, and distinction
The renderings and the photos of the completed glass panels shown here are examples of what you would expect from the Agnello Glass Art process. 

The rendering above and the completed project to the right were installed in the existing  window frames.  

These two double hung windows were created for the client to enhance the newly remodeled kitchen and to hide the rather unattractive roof and rusted pipe next door.
All appointments with Agnello Glass Art are free of any charges and place you under no obligation.
This living room window allows the   light and some visibility but creates enough interest and distortion that the exterior view does not interfere with the aesthetic appreciation of the glass panel. 

Remodeling and Home Design
This transom window above the living room doorway allows some light and color to enter an otherwise dark hall way connecting the living room and kitchen.